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A virtual world beyond your imagination!

A gaming community for everyone to have fun and earn!

Neko-Inu official
launch event in Vietnam, April 2021

How to play Neko Inu

1st Step

On your home page, tap “+� to buy your first Pet. Select your preferred Pet

2nd Step

Complete your 5 action within 12 hours. Each action increases your Pet value by 1%.

3rd Step

After 12 hours, tap Sell to trade your pet with other Players.

4th Step

Neko Inu will send you an email to notify that your Pet is sold or you can check your Pet History for details

5 ways to earn USDT
while having fun at Neko-Inu!

Using Software


Win up to 10 token (10 USDT) per game!

There are plenty of upcoming MINI GAMES on Neko Inu platform!

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2) Daily Jackpot giveaway!

Jackpot are given away daily at 7pm (GMT +8) Jackpot will be split among 5% of Neko Inu community. The bigger your Pet value, the bigger your Jackpot prize!

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3) Player to Player Trading

After 1 month, Emily earned 168 USDT by trading with other players!

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4) Friend referral incentive

Earn up to 10% each time you refer a new friend to join Neko Inu Global.


John was referred by Emily to join Neko Inu Global. John proceed to purchase his first pet at 100 USDT. Emily will receive a 1 time payment of 10 USDT (10%) of John first pet.

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5) Friend trading incentive

Each time your referred friends does a trading, you will receive up to 10% of the trade.


John was referred to Neko Inu Global by Emily. John pet was bought by another player and he made 10 USDT profit from the trade. Emily will receive 1 USDT (10% as part of the daily trading incentive.

How to withdraw your USDT

Bind your wallet to BINANCE
Click on withdrawal
Sell your USDT on Binance
Bank withdrawal successful!

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